Free Online Calculators

Engineering Software is pleased to announce the introduction of Free Online Calculators.

Engineering Software Online Calculators cover the following areas:

Physical Properties
      Air - Functional
      Carbon Dioxide - Functional
      Carbon Monoxide - Functional
      Nitrogen - Functional
      Oxygen - Functional

Steam Approximations
      Saturated Area Steam Approximations - Functional
Power Cycle Analysis
      Carnot Cycle - Functional
      Brayton Cycle (Power) - Functional
      Brayton Cycle (Propulsion) - Functional
      Otto Cycle - Functional
      Diesel Cycle - Functional
      Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) - Functional
Power Cycle Components/Processes
      Compression - Functional
      Combustion (Coal/Oil) - Functional
      Combustion (Gas) - Functional
      Expansion - Functional
Compressible Flow
      Nozzle - Functional
      Normal Shock - Functional
      Diffuser - Functional
      Thrust - Functional
Unit Conversion
      Pressure - Functional
      Temperature - Functional

      Length - Functional
      Volume - Functional
      Density - Functional
      Mass - Functional

      Velocity - Functional
      Force - Functional
      Energy, Work and Heat - Functional
      Specific Energy and Work - Functional
      Power - Functional
      Specific Entropy, Specific Heat and Gas Constant - Functional

Engineering Equations
      Ideal Gas State Equation - Functional
      Working Fluid Mass Flow Rate for Different Options - Functional
      Velocity of Sound - Functional
Miscellaneous Engineering Tools
      Expression Evaluator - Functional

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