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Pay Web Apps for Members

This section provides Pay Web Apps for Engineering Software web site Members -- a fee of $0.99 per year until cancelled [a seven (7) day Free Trial is offered] is required to subscribe to the Engineering Software Pay Web Apps for Members (payment processing is handled by PayPal). 

By clicking on the below pay web apps you will be asked to register as the Engineering Software web site member (if you have not signed up yet to be an Engineering Software web site member) and then, through PayPal, you will be asked to make a yearly recurring payment until cancelled in order to have full and unlimited access to the Engineering Software Pay Web Apps for Members!

The following pay web apps are available:

EC Plots

Energy Conversion Analysis
Energy Conversion Analysis -- Long Version
Energy Conversion Ideal vs Real Operation Analysis

Energy Conversion Equations

1st and 2nd Laws A

1st and 2nd Laws B

Compressible Flow Equations

Power Cycles Efficiency

e-Solutions (Ideal and Real Operation)

Physical Properties -- single species physical properties calculator choices include all three (3) input values options (TP, HP and SP) on individual species basis as well as single input values options (TP, HP and SP) containing all available species  

(Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Sulfur Dioxide, Air and Ammonia)

Power Cycles -- Ideal and Real Operation

(Carnot, Brayton -- Power, Brayton -- Propulsion, Otto, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics and Fuel Cell)

Power Cycle Components/Processes -- Ideal and Real Operation

(Compression, Combustion -- Coal/Oil, Combustion -- Gas, Combustion -- Coal/Oil + Gas,, Combustion Products Enthalpy Value, Combustion Products Heat Transfer, Expansion, Mixing -- Temperature, Mixing -- Kappa, Mixing -- Gas Constant, Mixing -- Specific Heat, Heat Transfer, 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O, 2H2O = 2H2

+ O2, 3H2 + N2 = 2NH3 and 2NH3 = 3H2 + N2)

Compressible Flow -- Ideal and Real Operation

(Velocity of Sound, Mach Number, Static Properties, Stagnation Properties, Nozzle, Normal Shock, Diffuser and Thrust)

(Ideal Gas State Equation, Working Fluid Mass Flow Rate, Stoichiometric Combustion -- Oxidant to Fuel Ratio, Combustion Products Composition, Fuel HHV, Heat Exchanger, Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, Force and Torque)  
Perfect Gas Physical Properties
(Kappa and Gas Constant)
Power Cycle Efficiency, COP and Heat Rate
(Carnot, Brayton, Otto, Diesel, Propulsion, Air Conditioning, Heat Rate and Heat Rate)
Dimensionless Ratio Values
(Temperature, Pressure and Volume 
-- Isentropic Compression, Expansion and Compressible Flow)
Unit Conversion
(Mass, Density, Force, Length, Velocity, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Specific Volume, Energy, Work, Heat, Specific Energy, Specific Work, Specific Entropy, Specific Heat, Gas Constant and Power)


(Expression Evaluator, Powers -- A, Powers -- B, Roots, Geometry and Distribution (Composition) and Summation)

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