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Engineering Software is pleased to announce that it offers e-classes -- in general, Google Classroom is used to deliver Engineering Software e-classes.  

Engineering Software e-classes deal with energy conversion technical background e-material, e-solutions, CE e-courses and e-seminars.  Also, Engineering Software provides e-classes deal with engineering IT.


Engineering Software has developed engineering educational material for energy conversion systems that analyzes ideal, basic and simple power cycles, power cycle components/processes and compressible flow when air, argon, helium and nitrogen are considered as the working fluid.

Engineering Software energy conversion systems technical e-material, e-solutions, CE e-courses and e-seminars breakdown is as follows:

Power Cycles -- Carnot, Brayton, Otto and Diesel 
Power Cycle Components/Processes -- Compression, Combustion (Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Coal, Oil and Gas) and Expansion
Compressible Flow -- Nozzle, Diffuser and Thrust


To find out how Engineering Software can help you with your educational, professional and training needs, fill out the Engineering Software e-Form for questions regarding e-classes available through a browser over the Internet! 

When it comes to e-classes hosted by Engineering Software, e-class registration is handled by Engineering Software on its web site -- Engineering Software e-Form.  Once the registration for an e-class is made, Engineering Software sends an e-mail containing e-class information!

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