On March 19, 2009, all of a sudden Engineering Software lost a close and dear relative and a very, very special person.

Engineering Software would like to take this opportunity to honor and remember all the life values of this close, dear and special person, who spent years and years caring for the development of Engineering Software by being a sincere, honest, true and tireless listener, believer, supporter and advisor on all the major issues that needed to be addressed by Engineering Software on its way to what it is today.  Furthermore, the most important contribution is in making sure that Engineering Software stands for true values such as:  caring for visitors, clients and customers, providing full respect to those who need educational and professional engineering services of high quality while being highly knowledgeable with the subject matter. 

As a sign of true appreciation, Engineering Software will always operate on such principles of both high professional and human standards and try to share the life values of its close and dear relative with others as much as possible. 

God bless this close, dear and special person!