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Free Web Apps for Members

This section provides Free Web Apps for Engineering Software web site Members.

By clicking on the below free options, you will be asked to register as the Engineering Software web site member (if you have not signed up yet to be an Engineering Software web site member) in order to have full and unlimited access the Engineering Software Free Web Apps for Members!

access to the Engineering Software Pay Web Apps for Members!

The following free web apps are available:

EC Plots

Energy Conversion Analysis

Energy Conversion Equations

1st and 2nd Laws A

1st and 2nd Laws B

Compressible Flow Equations

Power Cycles Efficiency


Physical Properties

(Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Sulfur Dioxide, Air and Ammonia)

Power Cycles (Multiple Output)

(Carnot, Brayton -- Power, Brayton -- Propulsion, Otto, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics and Fuel Cell)

Power Cycle Components/Processes (Multiple Output)

(Compression, Combustion -- Coal/Oil, Combustion -- Gas and Expansion)

Compressible Flow (Multiple Output)
(Nozzle, Diffuser and Thrust)

Q&A Board

Questions and Answers Board Dealing with Energy Conversion

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