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e-Solutions for Members

This section provides Free e-Solutions (HTML/JavaScript based calculators) for Engineering Software web site members.

The following calculators are available:

Physical Properties -- individual single species physical properties calculator choices include all three (3) input values options (TP, HP and SP)
Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Sulfur Dioxide, Air and Ammonia

Power Cycles (Multiple Output)

Brayton (Power), Brayton (Propulsion), Otto and Diesel

Power Cycle Components/Processes (Multiple Output)
Compression,  Combustion -- Coal/Oil, Combustion -- Gas, Combustion -- Coial/Oil + Gas and Expansion

Compressible Flow (Multiple Output)
NozzleDiffuser and Thrust

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