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e-Material and e-Solutions

Engineering Software is proud to: 

-- Present to you its current product line 
-- Announce the introduction of "FREE" coursework material, slide shows, online calculators, CE courses, seminars, demo versions, etc.
-- Celebrate twenty seven (27) years of successfully developing and providing engineering e-material, e-solutions, e-courses, e-seminars (webinars), Educational, Consulting and IT Services 

Engineering Software engineering e-material and e-solutions have been created by using Microsoft Office Suite, Google G Suite and HTML/JavaScript! 

Engineering Software web, mobile, cloud, virtual and desktop applications quickly, easily and reliably calculate thermodynamic and transport properties of gaseous, liquid and solid species (TP, HP and SP) -- U.S. Customary and International System units, contain coefficients for the calculation of physical properties (JANAF Tables) -- the user has the capability to use the coefficients to carry out independent engineering calculations involving physical properties of various species, steam approximations for both saturated and superheated areas, analyze power cycles (Carnot, Brayton, Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics and Fuel Cell), power cycle components/processes (compression, combustion, expansion, heat transfer and mixing) and compressible flow (velocity of sound, Mach number, stagnation and static properties, nozzle, normal shock, diffuser and thrust).

Engineering Software applications are essential tools for those who are involved at various levels with design, operation and management of energy conversion (power and propulsion) systems.  They should provide you with the opportunity to more quickly, easily and effectively do your work, explore more options, save time and give more confidence in carrying out your calculations related to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics disciplines. 


Hardware Requirements and Software Compatibility: 
For 16 Bit Applications:  386 and higher microprocessor, 4 MB RAM, 4-8 MB hard drive, Microsoft® Windows 98®, Windows 2000®, Windows ME®, Windows XP® and Windows Vista®
For 32 Bit Applications:  486 and higher microprocessor, 500 MB RAM, 5 MB hard drive, Microsoft® Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 8.1® and Windows 10®


Note:  Required Microsoft® Office 2016® (Microsoft® Access 2016®)

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