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Monthly Special Offers -- CE

Engineering Software is pleased to announce that the course quiz of the Engineering Software free sample continuing education course is offered to you at a discount rate of 35%! 

Every month, a limited number of copies will be made available to the Visitors of the Engineering Software web site.

The monthly special offers are only good if you place your order through the Engineering Software web site! 

Please note, once you place your order with Engineering Software, payment information -- an electronic invoice -- will be e-mailed to you and the Google Pay and/or PayPal service will be used to make the payment. 

Upon successful payment, a URL will be provided to you for a limited amount of time, where one can take the course quiz in order to earn three (3) credit hours -- upon successful quiz completion! 

Please note, the monthly special offers sales are final and there is no refund -- limit one copy of the sample continuing education course quiz hosted by Coggno per Engineering Software web site visitor! 

Note:  For Engineering Software courses hosted by Coggno, students from Florida, Louisiana, New York and North Carolina states should consult their State Licensing Boards for pre-approval of all continuing education. 

It is the responsibility of the individual learner to be sure that he or she is meeting continuing education requirements for each license and corresponding renewal period! 

Here is a free sample Engineering Software online course -- please note that the course credit, three (3) credit hours, can be obtained for such a sample course by taking and successfully completing a corresponding course quiz available at Coggno. 

Upon successful quiz completion, Engineering Software will provide a copy of the Course Certificate in a PDF form either in an e-mail directly as an attachment and/or providing a URL for it -- Engineering Software can always mail a copy of the Course Certificate to the student and/or mail it where it needs to go for the record.


Power Cycles and Power Cycle Components/Processes Analysis at the price of $58.50.


The PDF file is provided to the right!

Please note that the above file is an Adobe® Acrobat® file, extension "PDF" -- the file runs under Microsoft® Windows '98®, Windows 2000®, Windows ME®, Windows XP® and Windows Vista®.   Once the selected file is downloaded, you can run/execute the file from the Windows® Explorer® by clicking twice on the specific file name -- it is assumed that the user has a valid copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader® on his/her computer.  

In general, individual file size is approximately 1.0 MB. 

In case you have some questions regarding the Engineering Software product line or Special Offers, please fill out the Engineering Software e-Form and click on the Submit button when you are done!

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