Power and Propulsion Systems Analysis Ver. A Software

ISBN  1-58514-100-3 for 32 Bit  

Price:  $149.99 

Engineering Software has developed a new Windows based software package (Power and Propulsion Systems Analysis) that quickly, easily and reliably calculates thermodynamic and transport properties of gaseous, liquid and solid species, analyzes power cycles, power cycle components/processes and compressible flow. 

Software Options

Physical Properties

     Temperature (270 K < T < 5,000 K) 

     Enthalpy and Pressure
     Entropy and Pressure

Power Cycles -- Ideal + Real Operation


     Brayton (Power + Propulsion)




Power Cycle Components/Processes -- Ideal + Real Operation


     Combustion (Carbon/Hydrogen/Sulfur/Coal/Oil/Gas)


Compressible Flow -- Ideal + Real Operation

     Velocity of Sound
     Mach Number
     Properties (Stagnation and Static)


     Normal Shock



This software package should prove to be a good tool for those who are involved at various levels with design, operation and management of energy conversion systems (power and propulsion systems).  It should provide you with the opportunity to more quickly, easily and effectively do your work, explore more options, save time and give more confidence in carrying out your calculations. 

Hardware Requirements and Software Compatibility: 
For 32 Bit Applications:  486 and higher microprocessor, 500 MB RAM, 5 MB hard drive, Microsoft® Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 8.1® and Windows 10®

Note:  Required Microsoft® Office 2016® (Microsoft® Access 2016®)! 

If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Office 2016 installed on your PC, here is a free copy of Microsoft Access 2016 Engine (it requires ~ 210 MB of hard drive space) that you can install on your PC in order to run Engineering Software Microsoft Access 2016 applications!

For 32 Bit Applications data save, delete, sort and export capabilities are available! 

Engineering Software Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) based applications are optimized for the screen resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels! 

Some of the Engineering Software products come with A, B and C versions, where A, B and C stand for Professional, Standard and Light versions! 

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