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Anywhere, anytime engineering reference apps (web, cloud, mobile, desktop and virtual e-material, e-solutions, e-courses, e-seminars, etc.) for energy conversion fundamentals and energy conversion systems (power and propulsion) for simple and basic cycles providing accelerated engineering e-learning and technical performance e-analysis ...
Physical properties and energy conversion systems technical performance e-analysis based on fundamental engineering principles!

Engineering reference e-material as well as spreadsheet and high performance computing e-solutions are provided for those who are interested in energy conversion fundamentals and for those who are involved at various levels with design, operation and management of energy conversion systems.  Also, energy conversion continuing education e-courses and e-seminars are provided for those interested in meeting PE license requirements.

As a result, quickly, easily and effectively do your work, explore more options, carry out various "what if" cases, save time and get more confidence in carrying out your engineering calculations related to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics disciplines as well as efficiently meet your PE license requirements.

Check out the free featured engineering reference apps:  e-material, e-solutions, e-courses and e-seminars!  Check out the free engineering reference Google Chrome Web Apps!
Post your energy conversion questions to the Q&A Board.  On a weekly basis, answers will be provided to your questions! 

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